Our Producer/Composers:

From writing original music for The Alvin Ailey Dance Company to creating music for advertising clients such as Dairy Queen, Centrum, and Mercedes; from creating music for the Muhammed Ali Foundation to writing and producing hip hop tracks for the latest in Latin and Reggaeton styles used by major recording artists; from sound design for Canon Cameras to heartwarming campaigns for the March of Dimes, our versatile staff brings their extensive knowledge and experience to work with them every day.

If you can dream it, we can achieve it. Please visit the Ad Spots page to check out some of our work.


The Music Library

Featuring a full range of styles and genres, our musical library tracks are available with a wide variety of licensing options.   Just drop us an email about your needs, and we’ll get back to you about the specific terms and fees we can offer.

Vocal songs

The frontpiece of our Library is Zack Tracks, featuring the fresh and funky sounds of singer/songwriter/guitarist/man-about-town Zack Weber. We know you’ll enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed producing this fine artist.

From classic rock to alt styles to early 60’s references, from hip hop styles to spare and affecting folk songs and dark ballads, these songs are incredibly warm, fun, and unique. Ideal for licensing, covering a range of universal themes, each song is also lyrically customizable to fit a scene, a spot, a moment. Ask us how.

The Classic Swing and Ballads collection is exactly what it sounds like… classic-sounding swing songs and slow dance ballads, many of them featuring the fabulous vocals of standards wiz Cary Hoffman, seen on stages across the country and featured on his own television special. Also highly customizable, and also concentrating on universal themes, these are original songs that give you the feeling of being ‘there’ in the late 40’s- early 50’s, for a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay to license songs of that era.

The Reggae, Soul and The Rest collection…well, what more needs to be said? Browse around. Enjoy.

Instrumental Tracks

The Solo Piano collection is about a CD’s worth of licenseable, well, you guessed it… solo piano! The general sound of this collection is evocative, romantic, and even a bit haunting. This is a worthwhile listen-through of semi-classical, lyrical tracks that will fit well into ‘thoughtful moment’ situations as well as scenes where spare, quiet tracks are required.

The rest of the Instrumental Tracks is a well-labeled grab bag of helpful material.

You can browse the various categories at will through the sidebar on the right side of the page, or via the complete listing of tracks and compositions available for licensing on the Music Page.


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